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    Double Sided Measuring Spoons (FREE)

    Double sided measuring spoons. Free with all powder orders. 1 spoon per customer. Small scoop = 3.5 grams and Large scoop = 8 grams

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    Ketum Tea Leaf Infuser

    Steep the perfect cup with our signature silicone leaf tea infuser! It is easy to open and close with a silicone groove that holds the stainless steel base. Enjoy the convenience of removing the infuser from your cup with ease and set it on the silicone base for easy steeping! Tea Leaf Silicone Infuser: 1.5 […]

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    Oblate Discs – 200 Sheets

    Oblate Discs are a very thin, edible film made from potato starch. Making the bitter taste of Kratom easier to swallow. Quantity: 200 pcs per pack. 1 disc can hold up to 3.5 grams of powdered Kratom.

    How to use: Prepare a glass of water. Put 1 teaspoon of powdered leaf onto Oblate. Fold it several times so that the medicine is packed. Fold, wet and pinch the oblate together. Use a tea spoon to lower the oblate into the glass of water. Keep in water just for a second so that the surface of it becomes jelly-like. Put it in mouth and swallow with water without chewing.

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    Boulder Rock Vape Pen

    Boulder Rock Vape Pen – The Boulder Rock fits easily into a pocket, purse or briefcase. With three press On / Off functionality you can be confident that it will not activate unexpectedly.